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I look for work

Hello, I am a German longtime traveler. I like traveling, meeting different people, landscapes and cultures. But sometimes I need new money. Money for petrol, food, my dog and other things everybody need. So I always look for work in the area I traveling arround. Maybe YOU can help me!
I am Stefan Hack

My Course of Live
1980 in Düsseldorf Germany
School finish:
Secondary school summer 1997. Watch diploma
Vocational training:
heating engineer from summer 1997 –  08.06.2000. Watch diploma.
From the end of 2000 up to 2002 truck driver 
From 2003 to 2004 first company (driving fast food restaurant) --- read German report 
From 2004 to 2007 second company. (builder and caretaker service) 
Here a few pictures from my work in this time:


You are interested in my work with wood?  
Look my car, I did anything by my own.
From February 2007 up to now: Longtime traveler.

Jobs between:
sausage seller (at the “Prater” in Vienna),  fisherman, kitchen builder, fish sellercaretaker at a camp side, Pedal boat lessor and Boat trip ticket seller, returnable bottle collector

Spoken languages:
German and English

Thanks a lot that you waste your time white reading the live course from a crazy German. Maybe you can help me and give me a job. A job for a couple of days, or a job for the full summer. I can do anything and what I can not do I can learn fast. I know that many people from foreign countries com to Germany for working. I do it the other way, not to become rich, but for the experience and for enough money to live my dream. Give me a chance, I will not disappoint you.

Contact: Write a Mail, or faster call: Greece 698/5575052
Maybe you are in Germany and look for a web designer. I know I am really bad, but possible good enough for you. Perhaps you have to offer some other Internet work. I am interested.