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Mein Wagen

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Der Anfang





So, that is it, on time from left,

and on time from the right.

Ok. Not realy nice locking, but from the front it is ok.

Nice mussen´t be my car, but he drives me always to the place I want to travel. From the top you see how to make öckologie Energie.

Let us go to the door. By the way the picture is a walpaaper and it is allready ok for a long time. Only the wallpaper withe structure on the wall from the car becomes to fast dirty and I never becomme it clean.

If you open this door and loock to the left side you see the, how I think, comfortabel livingroom. The lightning eays belongs too my dog which lays convenient at my couch.

Let us loock the couch nearer. There were it loocks my car ends, there is my bed.

This folds back in no time and had a sice from 1,60 X 2,00m.
Let us click shut the bed again sit down at the couch and tacke a view to my kitschen.

especially proud I am at my oven
In winter peopel ask me often: "Is this not cold??" Here the answer: No!!!!!

Often I sit many houers in front of it and view in the reassuring flames. Withe the next picture I attempt to give you a impression of this feeling.

My Living room - dining room - Kitschen and writing desk from the bird´s-eye view.

Similar like the bed you can fold the table to get space for transportings or a dance floor. By the way this is also practical for claning.

Realy practical is the shelves on the right car wall too, from wich realy never fall something out by driving.

So, left next to the steal door there is a swing door. Let us go throug into my badhroom. On this picture also good to see my light-truncheon, the only weapon you can have in your Hands if you open the Police.

So that is the view if you put your curios head in my badhroom. Normaly my toilet is for boats but I´m realy happy withe her.

Here you see my shower, unfortunately my wide-angel lens errord in this room from 90X90cm.

At last one picture mor from my washbasain. Self-evident withe flowing warm and cold water.