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Start in a diferent country with diferent lenguage. The first shock I get at the border. The friendly officer woulden´t check my vehicle but he refuse me to go over the border because he is only for small cars. With help from my registration papers I convince him that my car is a motorhome and no truck. This fackt he checked out with his Czech colleague and after an half houer waiting time I was allowed to drive into the country. Immediate behind the border I change 100 Euro to 2530 Czech Kronen. That thay cheat me by this I recordnice first a long time later. But one time stopped I had much time to check the exotic trafik sign.

The town Karlsberg I drive to in Germany had here the name K. Verry. That you must check. My first stopp was for a smal Supermarket.

First only checking prices. The surching for a nice parkside in the Forest, to recover from the action in the Beatbar, was much more dificult than I thought. So I drive much farer than Karlsbad up to Cihlny. Who is intrested were this villege with 3 houses and a big golf course are here is a map:

After I arrived I checked the nearer area. A wonderful place wich much nature and beutiful walking ways. At my 2. day I started at the late morning to make a bigger tour.

Unfortunately I underestimate my knowledge of the place, so that I walk the wrong way. About 10 o´clock in the evening I reach the place-name sign of Karlorer Varry. Fuck - from there I drive jesterday more than an hour. To go the wrong way not a second time I decide to walk the main road wich I drive yesterday. After about two houers walk stops a car behind me. Inside were 2 german, wich diden´t know the way realy like me. After a long odyssey throgh the Czech night we reach my car at 5 o´clock in the morning. Here

I stayd for a longer time and find the next days better at home. From my walking tours and my time at Cihlny I made a Slideshow too. Some time I decide to travel farer. At this kiosk - Supermarket

I checked if I can change my empty German gas bottels in full one. Unfortunately this bottels are not so internationle like her call. Because in full Czech was a changing not abel. From here I drove withe a few stops

to Praha. This trafiksign

showes me this way.

What loocks very smal for the main streat to Praha from begining became after a time so smal that I was not abel to drive it withe my big car. So I must drive a big part of the way in the back gear. Things wich happens me since Praha I write in a nice E - Mail to many of my friends. Because I had much work with this Mail and I like it I want to give it online here:

Hello Friends

Much happens since I live my hometown. Here a smal report since Praha. At this time I stay allredy in Bruno. From here its only about 130km to Viena. First I want to show you a few pictures from Praha there you can see how it loocks there if you werent there.

How you see can a smal dog have his fun also in a big town like Praha.

And do somthing against his thirst.

Besides I think the Czech Peopel like fun. On this sign from the openig times from a bank you can see that it is not allowed to take a gun withe you inside. If a bank robery is intrested at this sign? I think not.

Than I have here a Czech Tabeldancclub from inside.

But this was not the best from Praha. The best from my view is not documentet with pictures.

It was late in the night better early in the morning, I stand in front of a shop window and loocked at the things I have no mony for. As a man in the same age talked to me in Czech. Fast he changed his langueg to English after he realised that I don´t understand him. Bye this way I must say that it is much mor easyer to speck with someone in English when it is for him the secound languege like me because the used words are simple like your owen. We go together in a smal pup outside the city after a smal talk. A half liter beer kost here under one Euro. Bye this price you can drink a feew :-) But not the price of the beer was it waht the visit from this pup makes to the best of Praha. It were the peopel there. Can you realice that I talk after a few minutes withe nearly everybody in this smal pup? We played Tabel Footbal or Dart together or we had only a talk. Of course in english. Even the Czech peopel changed here languege wehn I´m sitting at there tabel. For me it was a great experience without knowing the languege of the country having so many talks, yes I found nearly friends. Because I liked it so I dont start traveling the next day. I go back to the pup in the evening. At bothe days I was not at home bevor it becomes light. You can emagin at wich time I leave Praha.

Time of the picture plus 2 houers. Leaving my home in Praha

to Forest ground with not so many peopel. If you want to go to this pup too, here a short sescrebtion of the way. You stay in front of the Karlsbrige on the side from the City. Than you go left beside the water and cros the next bride. Now straight forward to the secound crossing there you go right and the secound pup at the right side, that is it. It was late in the night as my realy good feeling beccommes bad through a bad happening. A deer was standing behind a bend - bang. I was shocked. This animal I run over. I have not even looked if the animal was realy dead. I feew km farer I looked what breack down at my car. By this way I took this picture.

Nothing happens withe my car. It is frightenning, my car has only moved a bit from one side to the other. Even under shock I parked my car a feew km farer again ad the side from a Main-Street in the middel of nothing exactly there were my Finger is.

Forest at the left, forest at the right, forest in front of me and forest behind. Exactly what I need after a stay in so a big City. By one of my walking tours I can watch a Hornet by laying eggs or somthing like this beside I loocked a Bad in his eys.

Nice or? One day later thought my dog and if my humen drive over a deer I want to catch one too and she kills this sweet baby deer.

I scold much withe her, but I think she was proud at her heroic deed. The animal was dying, so to speak in his last minutes and in opposit to my accident I wasent shocked at this time. Also I release it from his pain, cut his throat and hang it head first in a tree so that it can blood out.

While it bloods ther for hisself I go back and get a bit of Plastik to pack the daed deer inside and carry it home.

Back at my car I unpacked the deer

and hang it in a tree again.

Now I started my work the animal has not too dieed for nothing. From the back legs started to skin the deer.

As I was ready the thing loocks like this:

Now I started to cut the pices of meat I thoght I can eat. The rest of the animal dident loock very well

and I had a smal result of meat.

But this what I here cook looks good and this was it.

After lunch I started to clean the skin from the rest of meat and broght it to tan to a near anthill. I think this happens good, it diden´t stink and no hair fall out and it looks like bought.

After this troubel I started to do somthing normaly. At this Journy my dog lost his Mettal Mark with his name and Phone number. I planed to by a new one here in Czech because I thought they are here cheper, but this isent so. Also I embroider this dates in lovefull handwork at her nacke.

At this morning I left my parkside

and drove to new adventures. I drove to Bruno. Here I want to use my last Czech Money. 300 Kronen about 10 Euros. I allredy startetd with this at a Japanese - Chinese or what ever this for a Market with smal eys peopel was and boght a bottel of Chinese Ketchup (this rely hot chile sauce) a new Flaschlight for Flitschis nake and a tube of fast glue. That is so a Market were this peopel buy things wich sold so a stupid bullshit at secound hand Markets and you ask you ever from where thy get it. Now i know, from here. So tommorow I ned my last money at a Internet center.

I hope you don´t becomme worse by my report.

I wich everything good and up to than


P:S This Mail belongs 45 Pictures and 1167 Words or 7134 signs.

No it becomes more *gg

Normely this Mail arrived at you yesterday but it commes other. Because this I write fast a few words more bevor I send this mail today. Sometimes in the night I feeld bad in front of this asia marked. I can´t explain wey but I had a bad feeling there. Also I decide to start my engin. After a short drive I saw signs to a Ikea marked. A Ikea aftzer a marked like this I looked since I became new couler in Erfurth. Also I drove behind the signs in many moves round the City. After about 10km I arrived at the marked. Here I slleped to loock at the next day if my money is enoth to by so a picture frame I need. It was enouth. You know that you dont become onion or cucumber by a Czech Ikea by a Hot Dog? But it costs only 80cent. But dosen´t matter I have not so much any more. I want to go to Internet to. At the late afternoon I started my car wich started realy good like every time at this Journi.

Very carfully I drove over this Hils they build her for slowly driving. After this smal hils I stept on gas to get on the near Motorway back to Bruno. Sudenly the engin stopped working. Withe the last speed I drove to a Park side. Fuck! I am at the ass of the world and my car break down. A realy strain. I started an other time - the engin works. I stept on gas the revolutions per minute get up to the red level stayed ther a few moments to get to 1000 turns by very loud noice. I remembered and thought the mistacke must be in the fuel pipe. Also I demontat the pipe and blow through. I could here the sound from air under water. I montate anything used the Handpump for fuel a few times and started again. The revolutions per minute stay there were I want. I thoght I am a genie and drove withe best thinkings on the Motorway. A mistake. After 500m stoped the speeding up and the engin stammerd I put of the geer and the engin goes off. I startet again. In stand gas I drove withe a spped from under 10km/h at the hard shoulder (were was one) to the next exit. At a petrol Station I stopped and remembered agein what to do. I take apart any fuel pips up to the fuel injection without success. By every attemp the engine runs first good and after a few minutes under work it brack down. I thought perhaps someone put something in my tank because after every cleaning the car runs verry well but it appearances that it becom dirty very fast. Also I empty the whole tank in my canister. Cleand it and feeld in 5 liters new petrol (for my luck they akzept here Euro). Anything appearences good, the engin runs and diden´t breack down by wworking. I tank 40 liters again. This is enough up to Austria and startet my way to an Internet shop. But I was happy to early. After a few km way the same game. I was despairing. I crawl under the car again and thought about the mistacke. That the mistack belongs to the petrol system I was sure. Perhaps the fuel insection was dirty. I loocked at this complikate thing of tecnologie and thougt no if you screw at this you car is complet waste. That you get no time togehter again. Also I rememberd the tecnologie I had used many times by dirty fuel injektions from rapeoil at my VW Golf. Easy fill in many Breackcleaner instead of petrol and hope it decompose the dirt. Buy the way

but my clenings were without success. Total despairded I put my last hope in the fuel pump and dismantle this structural member not knowing which springs jump me against. I put my things outside together and go with the pump inside. There I knock down the pump and loock there .... there is a filter inside a smaler one befor the real petrol filter wich I have changed bevor starting traveling. This Filter was realy dirty with Hairs, leaf etc.

Probable this Filter woulden´t cleand in the nearly 500000km my car has driven. I cleand anything verry vell and assemled it. At last I screw it at my car. At half past 6 this morning I started my car to a test run.

First carfully in turns at the parkside than 20km in the city - without problems. Now I sit fresch showered with a hot cup of coffe in front of my laptop computer

write this report and be happy to find the mistake by myself. I wrote I want to drive to new adventueres so I diden´t think but first it comes other and secound at you think. And what is a breack down from your car in a different country when not a adventure?

So, now it is 5 minutes befor 8. So about 9 I go and loock for Internet and visit a bit the town than I go to bed to drive tomorow rested farer.

Also take it easy what ever happens *gg


Hi Friends

Rested drive farer - it cames other. After I was in the City to send Mails I lay down at my couch. Sleeping was not possibel by tempretures over 30 grad but even take a smal rest. About 6 in the evening I go for a walk with my dog in the City and loocked anything. About 9 I was home again. The tired point was overcome and I decide to eat something. About 10 I go for a walk allone. Becuse I hade no Mony I diden´t loock for a pup or something like this. Besides I want go only for an houer or so to visit the night live in Brno. But it came other. At the square from a church, I can see out of my window

sitt a few jung peopel. They had a talk and drink cheep wine. I sit at a bench and loocked from the hill over the lighted Town. It needs no long time to talk to the peopel. They inwite me to sit to them and drink a wine. This idea I licked drinking wine at a publik square is cheep and you get contacts. Wie sitt there a few houers up to the time we drunk any alcohol the boys carried withe them. After that they inwite me to a pup wich was under the flat of one of the guis. As the pup closed we go to this flat and destroy the alcohol ther too. At 8 o´clock in the morning I sayd goodbey to the boys. One of them had the same way to home than I. We go - äh stagger together to home. Because this boy hat to cross my car so or so and he was intrested at my mobil home we go to a wine mor to me. But we were not abel to drink the fuel bottel because we came to sllep in short times one afetr another. About midday we weack up and say good bey to each other. I go to bed a secound time. Now it is 19 o´clock and I have pain in my brain you can not emagin. Driving a car in this feeling is a very stupid iddea finally I repaird the car and I´m not intresstet in driving it to waste under alcohol. Also I stay here a day longer to drive tomorow rested farer. If nothing comes other *gg

Realy! At the next day I started my car and reach the Czech Austrien border after 1,5 houers driving.